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A crown is a hollow cap that is fitted, shaped and “cemented” (glued) over a tooth. Each crown must be precisely shaped. Crowns have numerous functions, including:

  • strengthening and protecting heavily-filled or root canal-filled teeth
  • building up teeth that have been worn down from “bruxing” (tooth grinding)
  • re-building fractured or badly-decayed teeth
  • closing gaps between teeth
  • providing more efficient function in chewing and biting
  • improving the appearance of discoloured teeth, fillings and your smile

Crowns may be constructed to provide a tooth-like appearance in shape, size, colour and texture. These crowns are normally composed of:

  • all porcelain,
  • a metal thimble with a porcelain covering, or
  • a hardened, reinforced plastic.

On back teeth, where appearance may not be as important, crowns of gold metal may be used. These gold metal crowns are enormously strong, to withstand the pressures of the molar teeth during chewing.