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Dentistry for Children

Babies and children rely completely on their parents and carers to help them avoid dental problems. Without proper dental care, babies and children can rapidly develop dental problems that affect not only their teeth, but also their overall health, appearance, speech, and self-esteem. Poor dental health at an early age can potentially cause life-long problems.

Most children have their “primary” (baby) teeth by 30 months of age. The health of these baby teeth will affect the health of their permanent (adult) teeth.

For this reason, we recommend that you start bringing your child for check-ups at around 2½ years. (Of course, you're welcome to bring your child earlier than this if there's anything specific that concerns you.) The age of 2½ years is also a good time to spot any potential orthodontic problems like crooked teeth, or protruding front teeth due to thumb sucking. Sometimes, these early problems can be corrected using simple treatments before they become too severe.

Happy children playing with toys

We have a fun children's play area in our waiting room! Our younger patients can relax and have fun with toys before they see the dentist. We aim to make your child feel comfortable and confident in the dental setting.

By early education of both parent and child, we can create a positive view of dental health in your child, working together to avoid any later problems that could occur. Regular check-ups from an early age have been shown to help minimise a fear of the dentist and establish good dental health routines for life.