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Preventive Dentistry

“Preventive dentistry” is the collective term for treatment and education to avoid gum disease, tooth decay and other problems of the mouth. Preventive dentistry has been a foundation of the dental services provided by Anthony Boyden & Associates since 1981. We enjoy helping patients of all ages to improve their oral health, comfort and appearance.

Our thorough preventive programme is a combination of regular check-ups and scheduled X-rays to spot any problems early on. Whenever we see a potential problem, we'll discuss the causes of the problem with you, including how you can prevent the problem happening in the future.

A dental check-up with a Penrith dentist

We'll help you understand how to use a tooth brush most effectively. We'll also explain and compare the benefits of dental floss, toothpicks or “interdental brushes” for cleaning between your teeth. Fluoride toothpastes and at-home fluoride rinses help you maintain the benefits of our professional teeth cleaning, to clean and strengthen your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

For many of our patients, this programme has resulted in a dramatic decrease in tooth decay, tooth erosion and gum disease, thereby avoiding the need for extensive dental treatment.