Update about COVID‑19:
We are open during COVID‑19, now able to provide all normal treatments,
except to patients with COVID‑19 symptoms.
Please do not drop in without phoning ahead. (More info here...)
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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Anthony Boyden & Associates, our dentists always aim to explain the diagnosis in easily-understood language. We will then discuss the various treatment options, providing clear, objective explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We want to help our patients be well-informed about their oral health. We try to make dentistry less mysterious.

These answers to Frequently-Asked Questions are another way of helping our patients understand common dental health issues, so they can enjoy the best possible dental health.

  • Q. What can I do about my bad breath?
  • Q. I may be pregnant now or soon. Does that affect my oral health?
  • Q. I have diabetes. Does that affect my teeth and gums?

If your question isn't listed above, you might find an answer on the emergency dental treatment page.