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Smile Makeovers

Beginning with your initial examination, and progressing with regular check-ups, we can continually monitor and assess the appearance of your teeth and dynamics of your smile.

A smile make-over considers a combination of aspects, including:

  • the colour of your teeth and any tooth staining
  • any old, worn or discoloured fillings
  • any cracks in your teeth
  • the replacement of missing teeth
  • straightening any crooked teeth
  • eliminating overcrowding and tooth rotation
  • modifying or closing gaps between your teeth
  • changing the shape, colour or position of your gums to improve their appearance and the appearance of your teeth and smile

To achieve your best smile, we can consider strategies such as:

We will discuss your main concerns, and assess the available options for your treatment and their relative merits for you. Everyone is treated as an individual and the treatment plan is customized accordingly.