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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening services in Penrith

Teeth normally darken gradually over time to a yellow or brownish colour. Teeth are often made much darker by stains from coffee, tea, dark wines, smoking, or medications like tetracycline. You might prefer to have whiter teeth for your 21st, your engagement, your wedding, or another special occasion, so your smile can look its best.

Teeth whitening is a relatively-inexpensive and conservative treatment that has proven very successful in rejuvenating stained teeth. The results can be stunning.

We often whiten teeth before further cosmetic restorative treatment (veneers, implants, crowns, white filling replacement) so the new cosmetic treatment can be made as white and visually-pleasing as possible, while still matching the natural teeth around it.

After many years of successful treatment, and careful tracking of clinical trials and results, we use only the most highly-recommended whitening treatment: at-home overnight teeth whitening, used under the direct supervision of your dentist. This treatment involves a few visits to the dentist, and usually takes about two weeks to complete. Each night, the patient wears a custom-fitted “whitening splint” (like a mouthguard) that holds a special whitening liquid.