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White Fillings

Teeth may need to be repaired or “restored” (filled) for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Early-stage dental decay has made the teeth react painfully to hot, cold or sweet foods.
  • Late-stage dental decay has created a “cavity” (hole) in the tooth.
  • The teeth are cracked or chipped.
  • The teeth have been worn by tooth grinding or dissolved in acid (erosion).

Amalgam (metal) fillings are still considered a very safe, functional and sometimes irreplaceable form of treatment. However, visually-appealing white fillings are usually ideal for repair and restoration of the visible teeth at the front. White fillings are also constantly improving in durability for use in the grinding teeth at the back of your mouth.

We have several different types of white fillings for different uses, and an enormous range of colours, shades and translucencies to enhance your aesthetic smile and make the fillings virtually invisible. Some white fillings even help prevent decay.

Modern white fillings are bonded to your tooth surface to increase the grip and disguise the join of the filling and tooth. Most white fillings are made of composite resin and can be completed in a single visit.